Rollover, Starring Jane Fonda & Kris Kristofferson

History Keeps Repeating Itself

A film that could be the future.. and yet… history keeps repeating itself.. when will there be a new story.. a classic of early 80’s film-making – the story of power and passion.. love and business… mystery on the level of a spooky fantasy island episode.. drama!  Even in 1980 the writer was workin the Eurodollar!

Button Down Collars, 3 piece suits, salted and peppered with female stock brokers to give it a certain element of surprising support — opening scene heaving with buy buy buy sell sell sell.. you can have 40mil on interbank – im not taking this rollercoaster again… dollar slips 50 points… just a flutter

Heavy drapes which reveal an open weave.. suspense builds as the killer lurks over the un-named business man type who works late at night, if only by lamplight, to find death by killer knocking at his door… I mean, who works with a black tie / dinner suit at the office, except the highest of executives!?!  Panty-hose over the head and a knife at the heart, blood splattered paper with driving gloves tearing the paperwork from the victims desk.

Party music – flapper style and Jane Fonda appears in all her glorious rapture (feeling a bit strange as I just saw her on itunes with a new exercise video looking svelt even if she is 99 years old.. amazing really) Suddenly it is revealed thru tears of pain, that she is the wife or lover or friend of the executive recently murdered.  Lee Winters, her characters name, mourns the lost of her industrialist husband, seen on the news in New York, she wears all black with a veil that covers not only her face but her head and half her body.

Work gets back into the groove… 1980 style, all taking place in No 2 World Trade Center

Its like Dallas inspired but with a NYC plot.  Jane Fonda’s character appears like Mommie Dearest at Pepsi Cola – ” There’s a small petro-chemical in Spain at Valencia” (how international) “they are in place, their balance sheet looks good, and they are for sale!”  most important is her blouse.. like lizzard skin with green dots, flawless really. She gets a call at the table! note this is soooo pre-blackberry!  “Im sorry some people just don’t understand business” she begs forgiveness from her BUSINESS luncheon guests…. using the phone call facts, she hits the deal home and seals the deal.

The love interest begins between the two.. its not babs but its klute with a precursor to Working Girl

If you want a “retro” film choice – rent it

Be warned – you might want to buy this one its a Fantasy Island cult thriller!

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