My Mansion is Bigger Than Your Mansion

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

WOW!  The title of this show is not an understatement – with Mohammed’s house being the size of a resort hotel.  This is the first sighting of Lisa’s friend, giving credibility to her statement of knowing everyone in Beverly Hills.  60,000 square feet of house, 25 year old 6′ supermodel girlfriend, “the gardens are beautiful, the view.. its the perfect place to have a dinner party.”

Lisa  has decided to set Kim up on a blind date with her husband’s friend (who just happens to be “behind bars” when the show starts) and invites all the ladies to the party at Mohammed’s.  Imagine going on a date with Tia from Escape to Witch Mountain as an old lady… wowzers, the idea is overwhelming.. and then “her breasts taking on a life of their own” awwwww Im happy for Kim she needs to have some fun.

Taylor is with the pediatrician in order to prove that the puppy was a bad idea, however her little girl is very attached and alergic – “karmic” according to Taylor is what the dog is about.  When she talks to her husband, she clearly blames Russell and is upset for his purchasing a dog without her permission.  “I am concerned that if she has these rashes for thirteen years… ” The doctor says its 100% the dog, the alternative for Kennedy is medication for the next 13 years or allergy shots… We are not going to give her mediation in order to keep a puppy for half her life..” OH BOY, does that mean that Kennedy will be living to the maximum age of 30? This Taylor is a piece of work I tell ya… reminds me of a childhood friend and often I believe that it might be her.  The question I always have is can she sing with a bravado to Annie’s “Tomorrow”?

Camile is shopping (oh I stand corrected, she said its work) for her dress to wear to the Tony Awards.  This chic has surrounded herself with employees (oh I stand corrected again, she said friends) who compliment her every breath she takes. Nice.

Bernie throws Adrian an anniversary dinner and gives her a german shephard, which clearly was a good idea.  The editing with Adrian is GENIUS as you just have to love her brassiness.  She has a winning formula that Housewife – from her golf ball sized diamond ring, her whispy “extra” blonde hair, (and in this episode they look like she has some glitter extensions looking like some left-over pom poms or even from a retro bike handlebars) silk tops… she never really eats much on tv – and you can tell – she might be another favorite.

The episode ends with a splash out fantasma of a party at Mohammed’s – with what looks like a deep fried TUNA on a platter.. Lisa sharing a little cokney rhyme as she asks “where’s your skin and blister” meaning sister… gotta love the Brits for keeping it real!”

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  1. I couldnt agree with you more..

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