Sohot Bikram Yoga Studio

Bikram Yoga – Sohot Bikram Studio, Fitzrovia

For those of you out there that have not done Bikram, it is done in the HEAT.  Approximately 40c and hotter depending on the studio’s equipment to keep the humidity down.  As you can imagine there is a lot of sweating going on and without the proper climate control system, it just gets hotter.

Myself being from Florida, I quite like it — however, this studio, opened only a couple of months ago with the most wonderful heating system, flooring (which is quite unique to this studio and I can find out more about this system later.)  The best part about this studio is its location, located in central London just minutes from Oxford Circus, Regent’s Park, Portland Place, Regent’s Street, so there are plenty of easy transportation routes for  commuters.

Ok back to the yoga!

Bikram Yoga is a Hatha practice of 26 postures done 2x with a rest between each set.  Each posture can be done twice, the first being longer and focused and the second becoming deeper and more intense.  Breathing is key to Bikram or any style of yoga for that matter, however, with the heat, one must concentrate on being calm.

Bikram yoga teaches you to be still and within oneself — I started my yoga practice with Bikram and find it very beneficial as part of any practice routine.  The heat opens up the body unlike other styles of yoga.

For those of you that believe yoga to be.. well… filled with chanting and resting, then you haven’t tried yoga before… it is all about building strenth thru balance with your own body system.  Bikram is a wonderful starting point for many that need to find stillness in their mind — the heat will make you be still! 🙂

Make certain you dress appropriately and be ready to sweat.. and sweat so much that you will think you have just stepped out of the swimming pool or shower after each and every posture.  I recommend some good towels to keep your mat dry and some type of shorts that have a little stretch and can contain the works when doing leg lifts, and the likes. (not yikes!)

Many men choose not to wear a shirt and consider it a day out at the beach, which is wonderful, minus the fact that we cannot find fashionable options to wear while practicing yoga — and by fashionable I mean.. there are no options for the hot yoga practitioner!

Make sure the night before and before class you drink plenty of water as the more hydrated you are, the better your practice and the easier it is to not freak out while trying to withstand not only the athletic and cardio workout, but the heat!  Water is essential in this class for many, however, Bikram developed the series based on concentration and as a 90 minute eye opened meditation — so often this guy doesn’t have a water break!

Remember, yoga is only heightened when you leave your ego in some box outside the room as it is not a competition — slow and steady wins the race — transform your body and mind and look REALLY REALLY HOT!

First timers to this studio get 10 days unlimted for only 20 pounds, so with all that sweating you may be loosing 40 pounds in total for the experience!

Bikram Yoga Soho

Threeways House, Bolsover Street




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