Time Capsule

TheFashion Show season 2

Another Bravo TV reality show which creates an educational look at the emotional and political world of the new and upcoming fashion designer.

The hosts, Isaac Mizrahi and the fantastical Iman.

Iman has been called robotic, however, she is in CONTROL.  “David’s on the other hand was “weird” and we didn’t see any Michael Jackson reference, and no grandma I know would be caught dead in that jumpsuit! (Not that I know that many grandmas!) His design didn’t have that elusive quality of chicness, which seems to elude him. What saved him over Ro is that his was more cohesive with his house…. he barely made the cut so let’s see how he fares from now on.”

This show is based on 2 teams or houses of fashion – which provides a new angle to an older formula.  This like all other fashion shows is for me is a psychological pleasure as the outside observer instead of living the drama daily at work!

I give the series a 5 out of 10 stars, 4 of those are for Iman as its great to watch her tell it like it is — its early in the season – stay tuned for more details.  Next week’s show will feature the RHNJ and OC!


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