Winter’s Bone

Winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize

Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Lauren Sweetser, and Dale Dickey

Set deep in the Ozark wilderness making the Appalacians look like a kiddie park.

The story is about a daughter with two younger siblings trying to make ends meet on a small farm. Running out of money for food, she asks a neighbor to take the horse as it hasn’t eaten in 4 days — the father, missing after posting bail, using the house as bond — now the family is being kicked out with no where to go.

This film, albeit poignant, is BLEAK – survival is of course an important instinct, and understanding that people still live this way is even more important.  Squirrel eatin is just not my cup of tea!

The music is the most uplifting part – real bluegrass from the Ozark mountains.  “I wonder if you still remember me, or has time erased your memory, as I listen to the breeze whisper gently thru the trees, I wonder if you still remember me.” and “I wish I was a little sparrow” all to the fiddle, the banjo and some good old fashioned singing.

Too bad the rest of the film wasn’t so uplifting… down right scarry in a deliverance kinda way.

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