NeNe Get Your Gun, RHA

divorce looms

Ahhh Episode 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta — How time flies!!!!!

Its one of my favorite times of the week – the download of Hotlanta housewives! Why?  NeNe I answer!Last time.”Kim can say whatever she wants… but raise you hand if you have a grammy””There is a huge scandal about him …..I feel violated””the first time i looked at him he looked chinese to me””not a good communicator!”

  • NeNe – When I walk into the room, I own it = 3 but according to kim a 43
  • Kim – People call me a gold digger but they just want what I have = 7
  • Sheree – I like things that are elegant and sophisticated, Just like me = 9 and a half
  • Kandi – I have fame and fortune and I’ve earned it
  • Phaedra – Im the ultimate southern belle, I get what I want
  • Cynthia – I know how to work it, and be seen = no score

The first part of the show  cannot really be discussed on the blog.. as NeNe says  “I was raised in the south, we dont talk about out loud, that’s shhhh shut your mouth, you don’t say that out-loud.”

Cynthia plans her wedding like Toni Braxton did, this is not the first time Cynthia is referring to Toni Braxton, what’s the connection?  Next on the scene … with Tony Conway at A LEGENDARY EVENT design and catering …  and her own associate planner who is IN CHARGE Kithe Brewster the legendary stylist and Peter Thomas the financee “congratulations to you sir…nice to meet you.. this is where all the floral magic takes place.. brings all the southern charm…””Very Precise about what her offends her and what doesn’t … people trust their entire careers to my decisions.. evening wedding, obviously candle lit, combine a bit of old and new, chosen two colors – silver and chocolate, Ive seen alot of chocolate in southern Italy for weddings recently… gospel chior, male dancer from Alvin Alley….. ” Khite on the weddingCost = around a million dollars .. hmmmmmm, I think they need more cash to make it “special for Atlanta”

NeNe investigates her options about getting a divorce – info on how to move forward, what to do, and what the legal steps.  I think she gets scared as she starts going thru the process — she wants her husband to wake up and really make a change.  Gregg is on the radio discussing the problems!  He was complaining that he invested over 300,000 in making NeNe what she is today and that he wants every dime of that back.  Apparently his friend recorded it without his knowledge.  Kandi and Sheree, both stepup to defend the situation. “I have stood by you, when you have done wrong by me as your wife… the shirt on your back and the shoes on your feet – I bought em” Giving a little Beyonce in her NeNe ways.

Kim‘s eldest wants an abstinence ring after seeing a video at school – 13 years old, they visit the jeweler to find a diamond – ok so Kim is wearing a beach cover up jumpsuit jersey nightmare to visit the jeweler… did she get a discount? hmmmmm.  Kim meets with NeNe and turns NeNe’s situation into herself and wants more children with BigPapa.  WHO IS BIG PAPA?  This story is getting old, and yet, as a former nurse…. she wants a normal relationship and “call somebody BigPapa no more.”

Kandi rewrites the song for Kim – as a producer, they need Kim to trust the role – she did the work for “tardy for the party” and isn’t getting paid one cent for all that work.  This is a good perspective and Kandi is up there with my favorites “I dont even know what it costs, but its not enough, for me tkeep letting you treat me like I aint much, you’re nuts” she sings from the new song “the ring don’t mean a thing”  Could this be Kim’s next big hit as it was re-written to be Kim Friendly? wowzers

Phaedra is out of Augusta after enjoying herself “the service was impeccable, bathing me and all the stuff they did.. wow… now we got this baby… now I am sorta chained to this baby, we’ll see how this turns out”  WHAT?  Her diva act is on full burner honey.

Sheree has her own drama about Dr. Tyee (or whatever his name is) and she wants to figure it out – more like GET OUT of this bad decision to date someone like the doctor.  She is “over and done with, NEEEEXT”

Y’all come back now, ya hear!?


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