Mama Grizzly… is ready to watch

wowzers, i just bout sarah palin’s alaska SEASON 1

please tell me

1. I did not do this

2. there is only ONE season!

3. does this mean that she is now ineligible for the presidency!?!?!?

“I love this state like I love my family!”

Itunes reads “Welcome to the world of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Get an inside look at the famous Alaskan native and watch as Sarah goes salmon fishing with daughter Pipers, hunts for gold with her brother Chuck, packs up the RV for a white water rafting trip with the whole family, and much more.”

OK so how could I resist! I will of course, blog for my sins… here it goes…

It is beautiful… Alaska that is.. I cannot help but hink that the republicans paid for part if not all of this show… there are grizzlies fighting, babies playing, majestic scenery, guns shootin… and that accent..

she hops into an airplane in her front yard… “she’s addicted to the blackberry” says her daughter

600,000 square miles of territory, and American television has truly expanded into the lowest of promotional activities…

Her accent, sounds canadian and she wants her daughter to have the privledge to see a mama grizzly.. hmmmm

“he’s bringin home the bacon, that’s the way it should be” another WOW

I love watchin these mama-bears – they’ve got a nature that’s worth an example”

Maybe I should have bought just one episode… but then again.. its all too good, this research


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