Enlighten Up

Yoga can transform anyone…. the mission.  The only thing that will transform you is practice.

The closer the documentarian looks at yoga the more contradiction she finds.  Within the multi-billion-dollar industry its difficult to know which style or philosophy is correct.   She states, all she knows is that something transforms within us – she decides to create the documentary.  Find someone, a novice, someone to investigate yoga – Nick and journalist who recently left his job.

He is Nick Rosen, 29 years old, living in NYC.   His parents divorced when he was 2 years old – his father a criminal lawyer, and his mother.. a shamanic healer who became a healer from someone that needed to be healed.  He doesn’t expect any dramatic differences — his mother speaks about his going out into the world to find.. going out going out going out, and this will be interested to watch it start going in.

Day 1……. leads to many many days…


Dr. Joseph Alter, University of Pittsburgh – yoga as we know it today is only about 100 years old – reinvented towards the end of the 19th century.

Dr. David Gordon White, UC Santa Barbara, author of The Sinister Yogi

In popular south asian traditions with pedigrees further back than 1000 years – the image of the yogi is a type of boogie man that steals the daughters of villagers.



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