Contract Player, RHA

Its one of my favorite times of the week – the download of Hotlanta housewives! Why?  NeNe I answer!

Last time.”Yall were right, Phaedra was full term… We are in for a long night…. I was not expecting to read in front of so many agents… if I have a problem with you I don’t have a problem saying that to you… ”  Its going to be a predictable episode filled with AMAZING dialog and DRAMA.

  • NeNe – When I walk into the room, I own it
  • Kim – People call me a gold digger but they just want what I have
  • Sheree – I like things that are elegant and sophisticated, Just like me
  • Kandi – I have fame and fortune and I’ve earned it
  • Phaedra – I’m the ultimate southern belle, I get what I want
  • Cynthia – I know how to work it, and be seen

Cynthia, is retelling the invitation drama, so much to get done.. already needs a long vacation – even without peter.. her fiancee! At Sheree’s play “its a long way from the chittlin circuit to broadway”

NeNe at the play, everyone is distracted and “i got to pee, i need something to drink, my head’s itchin, my phone’s ringin, and sheree still hasn’t come out.. what is sheree doing.. its like waiting for your 5 year old to come out in the christmas play. .i could have sat in my car and finished my glass of wine!”

Kim brings dj Tracy to a race.. is big papa no longer… we can’t even keep up… she is opening for Kandi in 2 weeks and has a choreographer… “she gonna do some sexy stuff”  “Im probably a better dancer than a singer” WELL honey that is something then cause she was a mess in the last live performance she had to do basic choreography.. a HOT MESS she is and was and will be.

Kandi gets involved with Sheree with her lines.. she is “runnin outta time for me!” With her tour coming up in 2 weeks, she has decided to loose some weight…

Phaedra is exposed at full term… “he is the hungriest little boy I know… why is she all up in my kool-aide… if you strip as a nurse, does that make you a nurse… kim needs a hobby besides the ho-in”  WOW

Sheree has her sexy breathy moments… gets filmed gettin a weave and curls… and gossips with Lawrence.. she hopes “he has an amazing voice… but I hope he doesn’t get too distracted, I mean who’s goin to do my hair?”  She gets a call for an audition…

Y’all come back now, ya hear!?

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