The Cult of Beauty @ the Victoria & Albert

Last night my friend Kevin and I went to a private viewing at the V&A complements of the Culture Shock media crew.  Of course my shoe choice was from Harrys of London and although I hadn’t thought about the venue, I wore the appropriate pair with my key look of the evening!   (I should have selected the same shoe type with a vibram sole, and now am wondering if they make this VITAL penny loafer combination… will report back!)

I hadn’t been to the V&A in quite some time — since the refurbishment and I was surprised as to how time changes perspective! I loved the show The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860 – 1900.  The show was broken down into 5 key areas or parts:

1. Introduction- these artist searched for a creation of a new kind of art, and one that would free them from outworn cultural ideas and moral codes.  It was art for art’s sake that existed only to be BEAUTIFUL!

2. The Search for New Beauty- 1860’s

3. Art for Art’s Sake- 1860’s – 1880’s

4. Beautiful People and Aesthetic Houses- 1870’s – 1890’s

5. Late-flowering Beauty – 1880’s – 1890’s

There are many events surrounding this show including lectures, tours, study days, etc.  I recommend even as a casual viewer, to go see this show before it ends 17th of July.  I am reminded through0ut the show of Irenie from the Forsyte Saga, who believes in the search for beauty thru love and architecture — and builds a beautiful “arts and craft’s style” home now to realize the connection to the history and the movement in both art, life and architecture.

The Fosyte Saga 2002 version which I think is amazing!

Thank you to culture shock for the following videos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to the brilliant (all images from youtube post)

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