Yoga Man Spins

Yoga man spins and now is afraid he might not walk tomorrow! The class was fantastic and left feeling great!

I really have enjoyed having the second branch of my gym which is close to my flat in Marylebone – so I have a gym and home and a gym at work – and both are only a 15 minute walk from each other.. spoiled rotten!

Tonight’s spin class was called Ibiza Spin! (yes with an exclamation mark) “Motivating spin class set to Ibiza House music! Enjoy the tunes and let them carry you through a thorough workout.”  To be honest I used to spin 5-9 times a week and I loved it, but since moving to London I am out of practice! The bikes at the Third Space are brand new and incredible – with digital readings showing far too many statistics as I think at one point it was under water! 🙂 The class was great, and I might go back again in the next 10 years! 🙂

Yoga man branches out… stay tuned for my review of my new pre-practice passion TRX training.


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