Acro Yoga Asana

photo from youtube: Acroyoga en Tayrona video link to youtube for acro yoga (photo)

My class this morning was acro yoga and although power yoga based as well as an intermediate prep it is unfortunately Not like the video. The description on the third space website: “Combining the wisdom of yoga asana and the conditioning and strength of acrobatics, this session does not involve a base, flyer or spotter, but acts as the preparation for partner and group work. The sequence stands alone as a dynamic Vinyasa style asana practice to prepare for advanced inversion poses.” “Advanced Acro Yoga” Video of Acro Yoga “many warriors”

The Third Space “yoga classes all run on the central theme that a state of harmony exists when the requirements of the body, mind, and spirit are met. They all promote a state of relaxation and therefore aim to allay anxiety and remove stress. The more active Yoga classes bring physical benefits such as improved posture, flexibility, range of motion, and coordination.”

photo from youtube: Acroyoga en Tayrona video link to youtube for acro yoga (photo)

2 Responses to “Acro Yoga Asana”
  1. Deven says:

    Acroyoga Asana classes are vinyasa based in structure where you work alone to develop the power and core strength to be able to start doing partner work. Where are you based? If you visit you can look up teachers and email them directly about what you are hoping to learn. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

    • wmthefourth says:

      I love your website!! I haven’t had time lately but have been planning on posting all the GOODNESS you bring!!! I currently practice in London but am going to try and be at the california intensive training – thank you for giving us such great love and light!!! Namaste!!!

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