Forty Two

Yesterday I turned 42 and had a wonderful wonderful day.  Many friends sent their wishes and I can feel the love — and am most grateful for these kind thoughts and wishes!!! I am a fortunate man!

Woke up at 5, made coffee, usual routine after flying into town from London – so happy to be home, except the air conditioner isn’t working so I have fans and need screens back on the windows!  I slept like a baby and had no trouble with or without the air conditioner.

I spent by having meditation time; coffee in my coffee maker which I love (my brother gave it to me); went to yoga to a class taught by the fabulous Shelly K at Hot House Yoga; met the fantastic Heath S. who I already cherish as a friend; went to the marina grande to look at retail and condo spaces; lunch at the Avacado Kitchen; a little beach time and a little yoga with Heath on the beach;  dinner at my favorite Mexican; to bed with Steel Magnolias on the dvd; and a sweet conversation with my beautiful friend Tara G!  It doesn’t feel like it could have been a better day!

I love Florida, the beach, the yoga studio, my community of family, friends and neighbors – so fortunate to be given all these gifts!

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