Summer Solstice Yoga Event with Shiva Rea

Summer Solstice Yoga Event with Shiva Rea

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Do something unigue this summer! And bring your friends!

Join the world-renowned Yogini, the so-called “Madonna of Yoga” – Shiva Rea, for this rare Summer Solstice Yoga Workshop at the London ZOO. Take part in the Fire and Flow Yoga the Drops of Nectar Renewal & Rejuvenation session & Shiva’s famous and unique Trance Dance in these afternoon and evening workshops. Truly inspirational yogini, Shiva Rea brings the roots of yoga alive in creative ways, blending vinyasa yoga, dance and moving meditation.

Don‘t miss this unique opportunity to join Shiva Rea and innovtive musician Dave Stringer (David will be performing at the evening session only), together for this Magical Summer Solstice Event. At this sacred time of year come and participate in this earthly transition while Shiva leads you through a flowing yoga practice as you listen to Dave Stringer‘s amazing Kirtan. The alchemy of practicing with this world renowned teacher and innovative musician is not to be missed. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned yogi these workshops will enhance your practice.

All levels and age groups are welcome, although some prior knowledge of vinyasa yoga is useful.

This rare one-day event includes 2 workshops:

  • Afternoon Yoga workshop 1.30pm – 5.30pm:

Fire & Flow – Yoga Sadhana, Solar Meditation, Mantra & Mudras  – 4 hoursExplore the alchemy of igniting and channeling your inner fire through a dynamic Prana Flow yoga sadhana and meditation. Ticket price £65.

  • Evening Yoga Workshop 7.00pm – 10.00pm. This session ncludes “Drops of Nectar” and “Yoga Trance Dance™ & Sahaja Flow™“. Ticket price £40 – SOLD OUT!

A class for renewal and rejuvenation through Prana Flow yoga, followed by a Trace Dance to allow you to surrender to music, exploring and enjoying the free movement of your own body.

Finding it hard to choose the workshop? Take this opportunity and make the most of Shiva’s visit to UK!

Experience both workshops by booking the “Full Day” option for £100. Click “Add to cart” above and make sure to mark the date in your diary!


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