Shiva Rae is “Ace”

Today was one of the best yoga experiences of my life – and to coin the phrase Shiva Rae is ACE sums it up — when Nighean Hardie of Hardie Yoga & Twisted Yoga Parties  made this exclamation immediately following our 4 hour intensive practice with the great yogi, I knew that had to be the title of the blog entry!

Nighean, Marie and I all met at the flat and as it was pouring rain most of the day yesterday took a taxi to the Prince Albert Gate at the Regents Park Zoo — Having never been to the zoo as we sped by I had my first glimpse at the giraffes!!!!! It was going to be an amazing day — this was true as it was!!!!

Shiva Rae, is a beacon of light – a wonderful example of living to share! I will never forget the experience and highly recommend anyone at any level participating in a class if she is in a city near you!!!!

Stay tuned for the re-launch of which along with articles and video entries will be on body in balance tv!!!!

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